The first few times of hearing MILCK’s song “Quiet“, I cried. The a capella version was so powerful – it made me wish that I had been strong enough to be out there marching for women’s rights beside my daughter. The video made me cry because it touched a part of me that has been buried for a long time; the darkness and sadness took me back to a time and place when I awoke to a dark silhouette standing over me, shushing me – one of the scariest moments in my life.

Not to be diminished, it was my ex and father of my children who had a key to my home standing over my bed and it wasn’t until I heard him shush me and move my son that I recognized the shadow for who he was. This was one of the worst nights of my life – the fear, the pain, the tears – I laid there and took his drunken actions against my body and soul until he realized that I couldn’t stop crying and finally gave up and left.

For me, this song is an anthem of healing the wounds from that night and the years of mental and emotional abuse from the person who was supposed to love me, the mother of his children. Today, I am crying but they are tears to cleanse my heart and spirit.

For years, I have suffered in silence, only sharing my experience with a few people close to me; until now, when I chose to stand in my own ugly truth.

Published by: Zinklat

Tlingit woman, mother and grandmother. A beautiful woman of color. Kusti in Tlingit means life, way of living. Ax kusti is my life and my way of living. I have spent may years studying myself, the person that I am and want to be; the only claim of expertise I can make is in myself, and even that is questionable at times. My goal is to share my life experiences and the lessons that they have brought to me with my children, my grandchildren and the world at large. Gunalcheesh! Thank you!

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